Light Foam Backing
Light Foam Backing

Light Foam Backing

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This light weight foam type of backing is very innovative with its type of use.  The foam comes in one millimeter of thickness and is applied with a self-stick process.  Once applied to the wrong side of the fabric, the exterior materials has an added firmness while still being flexible to the touch.  This stabilizer can be used on heavier canvas type fabrics, all purpose decorative fabrics, cork and leather.   Best if used with a drop in lining process.   The self stick process eliminates the need for hot irons, or glue.   This is a one of a kind and gives a body to the exterior of bags in a very different way, while still giving the quality of the bags soft and flexible feel.


Picture shown is suede on a cotton chevron print

Shipped in Roll

Made in Italy

Sold in  26" x 10 meter rolls.  And also now available in 5 yard  length rolls.

For a video presentation of how to apply and suggested uses sees below

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