Bonded Leather  or Salpa
Bonded Leather  or Salpa

Bonded Leather or Salpa

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Sold in 1 yard increments and Shipped in Continental USA. 

Salpa or Bonded Leather is a natural material which is high-performance and high-quality leather fiber used for inner linings or reinforcement on leather products. It is an excellent material to reinforce soft or thin leather. This is a high-end yet cost effective material which can be used to add reinforcement to your project. It has many uses such as lining or stabilizer in leather belts, or leather straps.  It can be used as a stabilizer inside a handbag in such areas as gussets, flaps, fronts or backs.   

This is a product made from bonded fiber leather through a process of finely milling vegetable tanned leather scraps and adding natural fat and latex as a binder.  Salpa is a natural and renewable raw materials that is considered sustainable to the environment.

Available in lengths of 55" to 60" for use in longer items like straps and belts.

We supply Salpa in thickness of .4 and .6 sold in 36" x 55" to 60" lengths.  Available is a natural color