StayTex Stabilizer

StayTex Stabilizer

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Sold in 5 yard rolls

This firm stabilizer is  a self stick backing that has been revolutionary in the bag making industry.  This man-made fused fabric works as a great support to the inside main fronts or backs of your handmade handbag.  Application is easy by peeling the top edge of the backing, applying the top edge to the top edge surface of the wrong side of your fabric, then pressing down evenly across the backing as you slowly peel off the paper from the muslin stabilizer.   Follow up with the use of a brayer (or pastry rolling pin) by rolling back and forth over the backing onto the fabric.  Placement of backing can be adjusted by just pulling off and reapplying. 

Soft flexible backing gives exterior or lining fabric more body without stiffness.

Rolls are 29" wide x 5 yards long.

Made in Italy

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